Our Neighborhood Association relies on the involvement of members and the local community to make our events and activities successful.  Thank you to all of our active members and our local business sponsors past and present who have donated their support.

Becoming a Neighborhood Sponsor for one of our annual events is a great way to gain exposure in your community and support our Association’s activities.  Sponsorships may be recognized in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • sponsor’s name and/or logo, along with a link to the sponsor’s website, on the Association website
  • mentions in our monthly E-Newsletter and all event promotions (to the Association’s 1K member email list, Instagram and Facebook accounts on the Nextdoor Social Network (over 3500 members in Hilltop alone plus surrounding neighborhoods)
  • sponsor name or logo on materials related to the sponsored program or activity such as banners, yard signs, window posters or flyers that may be produced by the Association to promote the activity or program
  • Opportunity for table at event to meet attendees, display or distribute company literature and one promotional giveaway
  • Official CPHCA Sponsorship Policy
  • 2022 HilltopNeighborhoodAssociationSponsorshipOpportunities

Sun is about to set and the crowd settles in to watch Coco, at the July Hilltop Family Movie Night in 2018


We are currently seeking Sponsors for our upcoming season of the popular Hilltop Family Movie Nights in Robinson Park on June 16, July 21 and August 18 in 2022.  This family friendly event brings approximately 200 neighbors together for each evening featuring movies and games for the kiddos, time for mom and dad to relax and enjoy a warm summer evening with friends and family under the stars.  If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Carol Kleiner from our Family Movie Nights Committee.


Waiting for the Fireworks Show to begin!


We are re-thinking our plans for the 2023 annual Cranmer Park Community Picnic held around our Independence Day holiday weekend which has featured a performance by the full orchestra of the Denver Municipal Band and a lively crowd of 1000 to 1500 picnic-ing, enjoying live music and sunshine and then at sunset, we’ve traditionally watched the Glendale Fireworks from our “hilltop” vantage point in Cranmer Park.  In July 2022, with the start of the new development at Creekside Park, Glendale moved their fireworks staging site to their stadium and eliminated the larger 300′ rockets because the fall-out area for the large shells is not possible at the stadium.  This is a permanent change. If you are interested in getting involved in planning this fun event with a new twist and/or  in sponsoring this event, please contact our Event Committee at [email protected].

Neighborhood children carry the banner along 2nd Ave to Robinson Park where games and treats await!


We are currently seeking Neighborhood Sponsors for our annual Hilltop Halloween Parade and Picnic scheduled on Sunday, October 30, 2022.  Costumed creatures and superheroes gather in Cranmer Park and walk down 2nd Avenue to a picnic and fun games for the family in Robinson Park.  Along with the festivities, we collect canned goods from neighbors to donate to the Denver Rescue Mission.  Over 1000 participants joined us for last year’s event.  If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact our Event Committee at [email protected].


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