East and North abbreviations may be added addresses

November 8, 2018 / Comments (0)


The City Department of Public Works is considering how they will implement the addition of the north and east abbreviations for street addresses, which have always be present but typically omitted.

The City wants to add directional designations to north and east addresses to help Denver Police, Denver Fire and EMS find locations faster.

Update: 11/8 from Public Works via Councilwoman Susman:

Within our City’s various internal databases and programs, we’re adding directional designations to north and east addresses as a way to increase accuracy of addressing, but we haven’t officially asked our residents to follow suit just yet. We’re just now starting to discuss what kind of public outreach and resources to dedicate to getting the message out and what our timing will be. Residents who live east of Broadway and north of Ellsworth can feel free to start using their north and east designations, as it adds clarity, but we are not officially asking anything of property owners at this time.

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