April 2022 Neighborhood News & Events

Parks and Recreation:
Spring Parks Cleanup Day – Help keep our Hilltop parks and open spaces clean by volunteering for the city’s spring park cleanup day Sunday, May 15th. Signup and choose your park of choice in the link.

Local Government:
Advancing Equity in Rezoning – Follow along on Denver’s project to modernize the rezoning process, standards, submittal requirements and criteria to help advance Blueprint Denver’s equity concepts.

Redistricting Final Map – Denver City Council approved a new map for Denver’s 11 City Council districts on March 29th that will take effect for the April 2023 election. Our District 5 will now include our Cherry Creek and Country Club neighbors to the west.

Zoning and Development:
9+CO Update – A new zoning permit was proposed for 9+CO last month to erect a a 17-Story 260 multi-unit dwelling building approximately 360,000GSF at 4709 East 10th Ave.

Board of Adjustment (BOA) Hearing – There is a hearing scheduled for 4/12/22 at 9:00am for BOA Case #12-2022 (715 N Glencoe Street).

High Point Creamery – This winter one of our favorite neighborhood ice cream shops added coffee and pastries to their menu and we could not be more pleased!

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