District 3 Crime Bulletins, Meetings & Year in Review

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DPD District 3 Neighborhood Watch Newsletter 2020 Year in Review

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate on Tuesday, January 5th at 6 pm for DPD District 3’s Virtual Community Meeting with Commander Kyle and our Law Enforcement Leadership (CAB).  Learn about crime stats and trends that affect your neighborhood.  Questions and comments can be asked at the end of this meeting.  (See attachment for additional instruction on the team app).  Here is the link to participate:


If you do not have Teams click on the provided link to be directed via your internet browser to this Teams virtual meeting.  If you have Teams/Microsoft 365 please remember to “sign out” of your personal Teams account before you click on the link to participate.

Virtual Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training, Wednesday, January 13th at 6 pm.  DPD District 3’s Neighborhood Watch program offers a partnership between Officers and the Residents they serve.  Officers promote Neighborhood Connectivity by encouraging Neighbors to get to know one another and by creating awareness through Implicit Bias education – reminding neighbors – it’s the person’s behavior, not the person to be mindful of when observing and reporting suspicious behavior to the Police. RSVP to [email protected]

Simple and inexpensive strategy to prevent vehicle theft. In DPD District 3 more than 2300 vehicles were stolen in 2020. DPD has recommended residents use a steering wheel lock device as a deterrent to vehicle theft. One example of this device is a CLUB steering wheel lock. The CLUB (2 prong) device is available at your local Ace Hardware for $24 and on Amazon for $26. When recently asked, our District 3 CRO’s said to the best of their knowledge no vehicle was stolen in District 3 last year while using a CLUB (2 prong) device. To search crime stats for your neighborhood visit this DPD website: https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Departments/Police-Department/Crime-Information

A few tips to prevent crimes of opportunity –

  1. Do not set out whole, empty product boxes on trash day.  Doing this can alert potential thieves to what type of items are inside your residence.
  2. Turn on your porch light.
  3. Close your garage door after each use.
  4. Lock your vehicles and remove valuables. Use a steering wheel lock.
  5. Leave an appearance you are home at all times.  Collect mail and packages ASAP.

Please reach out to our DPD District 3 Community Resource Officers with any questions or concerns.  West of Colorado Blvd [email protected]  [email protected] and east of Colorado Blvd [email protected]  [email protected] 

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