DPD District 3 End of Year Highlights

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January Community Advisory Board Mtg Presentation – Please see for a brief summary of information that was shared by our DPD District 3 Law Enforcement Leadership at our January 5thCAB Presentation.  The 2021 schedule for DPD District 3 CAB Meetings is included in the presentation.

Please read the Neighborhood Watch Year in Review, especially the Crime Tips that our Community Resources Officers (CROs) all share:

Neighborhood Watch Year in Review 2020

District 3 Officers In Action – End of year highlights… 

On November 16th Officer Linn Officer LeFebre were assisting the Narcotics Detectives while they performed surveillance on a residence A male known to the officers was observed by Det Sandoval outside the house The subject had 2 felony warrants for his arrest One out of Colorado Department of Corrections for parole violation, and another out of Denver Marshal’s Office for failure to appear on an auto theft charge The male was observed parking his vehicle in the driveway behind a stolen vehicle Officer Linn Officer LeFebre approached the male and began giving him commands to stop as he began to walk away carrying a backpack over his shoulder The male then began to run to the rear of the residence The officers gave chase into the back yard guided by Det Costin who was also surveilling the residence The officers observed the male throw a backpack into the yard and he attempted to enter the residence through the back door, however, he could not get inside Officer Linn held the male at gunpoint while Officer LeFebre was able to take him into custody Officer LeFebre retrieved a handgun out of the suspect’s front right pocket The gun recovered was a Sig Sauer 380 semi-automatic pistol The suspect was found to be a convicted felon per his criminal history report A sweep was performed in the back yard of the residence after discovering the zipper on the backpack was unzipped A rectangular tin container was located, and inside the container was a brown powdery substance in a Ziplock baggy suspected to be Heroin.

Officer Shane Sperry and Officer Ryan Armand responded to 550 N Alton Way on a call of a suicidal person.  Prior to arrival on scene dispatch advised that a female had locked herself in a bathroom and was actively cutting herself with a razor blade following an argument with her boyfriend.  The officers observed the female exit the bathroom and immediately placed her into protective custody to prevent her from harming herself further.  The female was transported to the hospital for her injuries.

While on proactive patrol Officer Shannon Davis observed a suspicious party going through the interior of a vehicle near the intersection of E. 5th Ave and Pennsylvania St.  Officer Davis observed the party removing a tent from the backseat of the vehicle and attempted to make contact with him.  Upon contact, the suspect took off running and tripped while being pursued on foot. Officer Davis caught up to the suspect and was able to take him into custody.  It was found that the vehicle and it’s contents did not belong to the suspect and he was jailed for First Degree Criminal Trespass and Theft.

Officer Cory Stuper was dispatched to 355 N Logan St. on a burglary in-progress.  Dispatch related that a male wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, red beanie and dark pants is trying to gain access to the parking garage of the Bromwell apartments. Dispatch also advised the suspect’s vehicle is a white station wagon parked in the handicap parking spot. Officer Stuper arrived on scene and observed a Hispanic male matching the description run and hide in front of his vehicle on the ground.  The male was ordered out from behind the vehicle and placed into custody.  Upon clearing the license plate of the suspect vehicle, it was discovered that the listed plate belonged on a white in color 2007 Acura. The plate that was affixed to the rear of the vehicle had an ATL for burglary.  A clearance of the VIN revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Denver.  The suspect was also found to have a warrant out of the Department of Correction for a parole violation in regard to a burglary conviction.

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