Dog Park Master Plan

October 8, 2019 / Comments (0)

General News

Now available: Denver Parks & Recreation Dog Park Master Plan Technical Update

After reviewing community feedback and evaluating best management practices in dog parks throughout North America, Denver Parks & Recreation presents the final plan document along with the accompanying community-driven pilot process for proposing new dog park locations  to the public.

Read the full Dog Park Master Plan Technical Update (19MB PDF)

As a reminder, the Technical Update is meant to:

  • Outline the current local and national context for dog parks
  • Establish a community-driven approach to dog park site selection
  • Propose new design guidelines that will inform future dog park design
  • Review and evaluate current maintenance practices
  • Recommend policies to help the city develop a foundation for well-planned, sustainable dog parks

Learn more, read the full plan, and begin the proposal process!

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