Dockless Mobility Pilot Permit Program Update

December 6, 2018 / Comments (0)


On Tuesday, December 11, Denver Public Works will attend Denver City Council’s Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to discuss proposed changes to the current scooter rules that were crafted in partnership with District 5 Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman and District 6 Councilman Paul Kashmann.

Local and state law currently classify electric scooters as “toy vehicles” and requires them to operate on the sidewalk. Under the proposed bill, dockless scooters will be classified as “Electric Mobility Scooters” (EMS) subject to the following rules:

  • EMS must operate in a bike lane, if one is available, not exceeding the speed limit of 15mph.
  • If a bike lane isn’t an option, EMS will be allowed to ride on the roadway, if the maximum speed limit of the roadway does not exceed 30mph. When riding on the roadway, EMS must stay to the right of the road.
  • If a bike lane isn’t available, and the roadway has a speed limit greater than 30mph, then the EMS may operate on the sidewalk.
  • When riding on the sidewalk, EMS may not exceed a speed of 6mph and must yield to pedestrians at all times.

The committee will debate the proposed bill next week. It will then head to a vote before the full council.  Please contact your Councilwoman to share your thoughts about these proposed changes.

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