The “sharing economy” is not going away – many of us use car sharing to get around the city, avoid dealing with parking headaches in downtown or to travel more responsibly when out on the town and enjoying a drink with friends.  House sharing has been around for decades in many forms but recently become more popular as a means to earn extra income from a spare room or as a way to meet people and get to know a neighborhood when visiting another city.   Short Term Rentals (STRs) are another example of the sharing economy that is here to stay and impacting some neighborhoods, including ours.

STRs are regulated by the city through Excise and Licenses.  If you have a complaint about a STR operating near you, please go to Denver’s Short Term Rental page. This is where info about rules and regulations can be found as well as info on the Short Term Rental Advisory Committee. On the right hand side is a button for “Complaints and Mediation.”  Once on this page you will see info about the complaint process, violation process, and how to submit a complaint.  It is important to establish a record of any issues in this process.

Denver Police Non-Emergency Number  720-913-2000  (available 24/7)

  • – Call if peace is disturbed, loud parties, suspicious activities, etc.
  • – Even if DPD can’t immediately respond, EXL can track calls/activity near or on licensee’s premise. Info used for disciplinary actions.

or 3-1-1 (available M-F, 7am to 8pm and Sat & Sunday, 8am to 5pm)

  • – Use for trash, parking, noise, other “common complaints” with any other property.
  • – Repeated violations (zoning, trash, noise, etc) can lead to penalties or revocations of license.

Excise and Licenses is in the process of approving new regulations that should help make enforcement easier. This includes creating an enforcement mechanism that allows EXL to go after hosts that may be in good standing with their license and taxes but are bad actors in terms of neighborhood disruptions. This link is for the new rules. Section 4. “Good Cause” is this new enforcement mechanism.

If you have any questions STR enforcement, contact Brian Snow.