As you may be aware, the Denver Public Libraries have temporarily closed until further notice (but their virtual services are still here for us and please know that all due dates have been extended!).  Bibliophiles in Hilltop can rejoice in knowing the world’s largest book-sharing movement has several locations within walking distance in our neighborhood.  So far we have found 10 Little Free Libraries scattered throughout Hilltop.  Just toggle over the photo for the location.  The LFL at Clermont & Ellsworth is for kids, the remainder for kids and adults.  If we missed one, please let us know.

With the COVID-19 concerns, please understand that some neighbors have closed down their LFLs or are Following These Best Practices.

We appreciate our neighbors making books available to all of us. Help keep these libraries stocked by dropping off a book you have enjoyed.  It is always much appreciated.  Please see the LFL Best Practices to keep both yourself and your neighbors safe.

When you go for a walk, consider putting a plastic bag in your pocket to carry book(s) home.  Then if you have COVID-19 concerns you can wipe them off.   We can all burrow in for the duration with a good book.  Wine optional.

Thanks to Sue Bollman and Jennie Coulhurst for this idea!