Denver Prepares for Weekend Snowstorm

March 10, 2021 / Comments (0)

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Denver – With a significant snowfall event in the forecast for this weekend, the City and County of Denver is preparing to deploy its big plows to the main streets, its residential plows to the side streets, and heavy equipment, if needed, to move heavier accumulations of snow caused by drifting.

Crews operating the big plows will begin arriving at 10pm on Thursday, with all drivers on duty by midnight, and starting round the clock coverage through the weekend and into next week, as required.  The snowfall amounts being predicted will result in challenging travel conditions and will likely require several days of continuous plowing operations. We ask for the public’s patience.

The residential plow drivers are scheduled to work their first shift 3am to 3pm Friday and, as snow starts to accumulate, will take a single pass down the center of each side street. Note the small plows do not bring the street to bare pavement but can be helpful in creating a path to the main streets and preventing deep ice ruts. Additional shifts and passes by the residential plows are planned over the weekend with round the clock coverage.

What We Ask of Residents

  • With significant snowfall amounts anticipated, we request that you please don’t drive if you don’t have to drive and give the plows plenty of space to operate.
  • Park off-street if you have the option to give the plows additional room.
  • Help a neighbor: Residents are encouraged to help one another, especially neighbors who may not be able to shovel snow because of health issues.
  • Seniors and others who need regular assistance can get help through the Snow Angel program. To learn more, visit

Regarding On-Street Bike Lanes

During swift, heavy snowfalls, on-street bike lanes may become snow packed. These snowy/icy conditions may linger in the bike lane several days after the storm, particularly in shady locations. Call 311 or use to report problem areas. People on bikes should be prepared to ride in a shared lane condition during this snow event, utilizing the outermost lane available and may want to consider alternate transportation options based on health, ability, weather conditions and equipment.

Sidewalk Snow

To help keep our city’s walks safe and accessible, Denver residents and businesses are responsible for clearing snow and ice from public sidewalks and ADA ramps adjacent to their properties. Note: RTD only shovels bus stops that have a shelter. If there is a bus stop with a sign and no shelter, the resident or business is responsible for this sidewalk. Please do not shovel snow into a street or bike lane.

Commercial properties (including multi-family residential)

  • Sidewalks adjacent to commercial properties (businesses and multi-family residential buildings) must be cleared within four hours, after snow has stopped falling. This includes adjacent ADA ramps and applicable bus stops.

Residential properties (single-family homes and duplexes)

  • Sidewalks adjacent to residential properties must be cleared within 24 hours, after the snow has stopped falling. This includes adjacent ADA ramps and applicable bus stops.

Inspectors begin enforcement after snow has stopped falling. Anyone wishing to report an unshoveled sidewalk may do so via 3-1-1 or


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