Denver Launches New Bike and Scooter Share Program

May 28, 2021 / Comments (0)

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Denver to Launch New Bike and Scooter Share Program
Lyft and Lime to Partner with Denver to Reach its Mobility Goals

DENVER – Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) has received approval from Denver City Council to move ahead with licensing agreements for Lyft and Lime to operate scooter and bike share services in Denver.  In exchange, Denver will receive multi-million-dollar investments from the two companies and offer residents a comprehensive citywide bike share program, that Denver lost more than a year ago with the departure of B-cycle.

Investments from Lyft and Lime will include the installation of up to 675 parking stations over the next five years, with 100 stations to be added within the first six months, and 200 stations to be installed within the first year. The stations will create dedicated places for people to park their scooters and bikes to prevent the crowding of sidewalk areas and may include corrals, charging stations and painted boxes. In addition, both Lyft and Lime will fund and partner with the city on a large-scale engagement plan to educate people on proper riding and parking of vehicles.

In addition, each company will also offer reduced rates for Denver residents in need-based programs and offer free ride opportunities for residents, regardless of income level. More information to come on these programs – and how people will qualify – as they get closer to rolling out.

Free Ride and Reduced-Rate Program

  • 10,560 free passes for Denver’s residents (regardless of income level) similar to the 5,280 Free Rides Program Denver rolled out in 2019 in partnership with Denver B-cycle.
  • Significantly reduced pricing for need-based groups who qualify for local, state, or federal assistance programs.
  • Reduced rates for trips starting in opportunity areas (places in the city with low-vehicle ownership and high transit ridership).

Selecting two companies to participate in the new bike and scooter share program will allow Denver to maximize the most benefits for the city’s residents. The licenses will replace how dockless electric scooter and bike companies previously operated in Denver, which was through a permit. For more information, please visit

More About Bike and Scooter Share in Denver

In 2018, Denver launched a Dockless Mobility Pilot Program, which permitted electric scooters and dockless bikes to operate in the public right-of-way. Through the pilot, DOTI observed that shared micro-mobility has an opportunity to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips, enhance people’s connections to transit and provide other ways to get around. Since the pilot launched in August 2018, more than 6.1 million scooter rides and 325,000 dockless bike rides have been taken, with people traveling millions of miles. In 2019, DOTI made the decision to extend the pilot and allow additional time to formally bid the award of a license through a competitive process.


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