Define Your Denver – City Council Seeks Your Input in the Redistricting Process

August 24, 2021 / Comments (0)


City Council District 5 – Updates for Cranmer Park-Hilltop

By Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer

Every 10 years, when the U.S. Census releases its data, Denver City Council is required to lead a process to re-draw council district boundaries. The goal of the process is to create council districts that have roughly equal populations, are compact, and keep residents of established neighborhoods in the same council district. As you probably know Denver currently has 13 council members – 11 who each represent a specific council district and are elected by residents of that district, and two at-large members who represent the entire city. Denver’s mayor and the two at-large council members are elected by all residents of Denver. Redistricting helps ensure that every person has a voice in electing their local representatives. 

You are an important part of the Redistricting process! Please visit and click ‘How to Get Involved.’ You will be directed to a website called which asks you to identify your “community of interest” and allows you to draw your own maps based on what you think of as your community. Our state constitution defines a community of interest as, any group that “shares one or more substantial interests that may be the subject of federal legislative action.” We want to know how you define your community. Is your community a shared language? Culture? Faith? Or is it simply somewhere you love? Is it where you spend most of your time? We want to learn about your neighborhood and the spaces that are important to you, because this information will inform maps that help communities stay together.

A series of public meetings will also be scheduled this fall and winter. This is your opportunity to make recommendations based on what you see and hear in the community. Please let us know where you think D5’s boundaries should be in the future. City Council will use information submitted by Denver residents through and the community meetings to help us determine where the new 2022 district boundary lines should be drawn. City Council is expected to vote on new boundaries in March 2022. For more information on the Redistricting process, please visit or email questions to [email protected]

As always, feel free to contact our office at [email protected] or 720-337-5555 with comments or questions. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and updates at, and we’ll also keep you apprised of developments as they happen through these communication channels:

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