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Update from Officer Grimsley on Street Racing Enforcement this weekend:  “This weekend, we did have officers out again on the highways. The officers on the highways did make traffic stops and issued numerous tickets. One car that was stopped was impounded. We also had officers in unmarked cars monitoring the racers and checking on popular meeting spots. The police helicopter was also used to track and air the racers locations to the officers on the streets. One of the locations, was at the Micro Center off of I-225. Once the group was found, they were moved along by officers.”

DPD District 3 Youth Art Challenge (now through June 15th) – Please share with your neighbors, schools, PTA, and local youth groups!! All art will be entered in our Kids S.P.E.A.C. Showcase and displayed in our District 3 Lobby and Community Room on June 15th. SPEAC June 15th 2020 Flyer

Calling All Young Artists!!  Our Denver Police District 3 Officers have an exciting Art Challenge for you, called Kids S.P.E.A.C.!  Do you have an idea about how DPD could make your neighborhood safer?  Draw your idea, share it with our Denver Police Officers and you will be entered to win some cool prizes!!  Our Officers are listening and looking forward to seeing and hearing your S.P.E.A.C. ideas!! 

Video Conference with Commander Kyle Tuesday, June 2nd at 6 pm – Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.  Find out about current areas of concern for crime trends and get the most up to date,  accurate information related to our neighborhood’s safety at this CAB video conference presentation.  Please share this with your neighbors too. Instructions for June 2, 2020 CAB Video Conference with Logo

Virtual Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training – Thursday, June 18th at 6 pm.  Get involved! Learn about how you and your neighbors can effectively observe and report suspicious behavior.  This virtual video conference is a great opportunity for all those who have neighbors that have been unable to attend our in-person training.  Link to participate will be shared when you RSVP for this training.

Crime Stats have been updated through April 2020 on – for quick reference they have been downloaded and added to our District 3 Neighborhood Watch Google Drive.  Stats are listed by your Statistical Neighborhood here:  2020 Jan – April

District 3 is still seeing an increase in Auto Theft up 37%  – between Jan. 1, 2020 and April 30 of this year a total of 519 vehicles have been stolen compared to this same time last year when 378 vehicles were stolen.  (see attached flyer about how to best deter thieves from stealing your vehicle)

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our CRO’s east of Colorado Blvd Officer Grimsley [email protected] and Officer Borquez [email protected]  and west of Colorado Blvd Officer Young [email protected] and Officer Pacheco [email protected]

Thank you for sharing this information with your neighbors and for all your efforts to make our community safer!

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