Cranmer Park Sundial Terrace Construction Updates

October 30, 2017 / Comments Off on Cranmer Park Sundial Terrace Construction Updates

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UPDATE: 1/4/2018 from SOS Committee and The Park People:

Krische Construction would like neighbors to be aware that it’s about to be NOISY at the construction site.  An extra large-size jackhammer will be onsite later this week and throughout next week to break apart the thick concrete walls of the vault. It’s expected to be LOUD. What is the vault?  It is the room under the terrace that was earlier used to store mowing equipment – it’s at the south west end, where the sidewalk leads to a door.

The SUNDIAL is SCHEDULED TO BE REMOVED next week – watch for an updated alert about timing, but Tuesday may be the day.  This will be a tricky bit of work, to lift the sundial from the terrace and place it on a truck for transportation to Erickson Monuments for restoration work.

Sundial made ready for transport out of reconstruction site.

UPDATE: 12/20 from your Association and The Park People:

The Groundbreaking ceremony for the Sundial Terrace project was held on December 18, 2017 under beautiful Colorado blue skies.  We had a good turnout of neighbors and city officials to help celebrate this long awaited event.  Please read this SOS_Groundbreaking_Press_Release_12-20-2017 from The Park People for more detail.

L-R: Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, SOS Chairwoman Denise Sanderson, Kim Yuan-Farrell of The Parks People, and DPR Executive Director Happy Haynes breaking ground for the construction to begin.

L-R: Denise Sanderson, Tracy Willis, Mary Beth Susman, Ken Malo, Andrea Dikeou, Larry Donovan and Judy Koff.

UPDATE: 12/9 from DPR and the Save Our Sundial Committee:
Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is pleased to inform the Cranmer Park community that the Sundial Terrace project will begin this month. Please join the Save our Sundial Committee, The Park People, Council District 5 and DPR in celebrating the reconstruction of the Sundial Terrace on December 18th, 2017 at 1:30PM.

To ensure future generations enjoy this much-loved landmark, the design utilizes contemporary construction practices and will effectively address the factors that have resulted in the terrace’s deterioration. The design also preserves the features that define the unique elements of the sandstone terrace such as the sundial and mosaic mountain panorama.

Site preparation will begin in December 2017 and construction is anticipated to be completed in September or October of 2018. During construction, the terrace and adjacent parking lot will remain closed to the public.

DPR appreciates the extensive support expressed by The Park People and the Save our Sundial committee for partnering on this reconstruction project. With their generous help, this project will ensure that the community continues to enjoy this treasure for years to come.

UPDATE: 11/13 (thanks to Denise Sanderson for these updates from the Committee):
The Save Our Sundial Committee of The Park People has received word from Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation that KRISCHE, the selected contractor for the reconstruction of the Sundial Plaza will be erecting the construction fencing around the entire plaza early this week. Notices that the parking lot is closed were placed at the plaza last week. It is anticipated that construction will begin as soon as possible after the final contract clears City Council – this may be in December, but more likely will be in January 2018.  It will be exciting for construction to begin after our many years of fundraising and the challenges faced with the bidding process. Donations are still welcome! To donate or for additional information please visit

Initial Post: 10/30:
Recently the city received 311 calls/reports regarding the terrace’s deteriorating conditions. After inspection by the city’s operations team, it was determined that the conditions now present public safety concerns and they have placed orange cones in areas where pavers are loose and will be placing fencing around the terrace on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 to close the terrace to public use. Signs will also be placed at the terrace indicating closure and providing information regarding the anticipated construction schedule. Additionally, the city has developed this Cranmer Closure FAQ to help respond to inquiries.

Contracting for the complete reconstruction of the terrace is underway. It is anticipated that construction with begin in early 2018, weather permitting. In the coming weeks, the temporary fencing will be placed with construction fencing by the reconstruction project contractor. The Save Our Sundial Committee of The Park People and DPR thank you for your understanding and continued support for this project.