Colorado Boulevard Heatlthcare District Meeting

October 3, 2011 / Comments Off on Colorado Boulevard Heatlthcare District Meeting


October 5, 2011: 4:00-5:30 p.m.
National Jewish Health
Heitler Hall (new location)

Agenda below……


Meeting AGENDA

October 5, 2011: 4:00-5:30 p.m.

National Jewish Health

Heitler Hall



NOTE: Change in meeting location for this meeting.  We are meeting at Heitler Hall.


Directions:        Heitler Hall is located at 1400 Jackson Street.  Enter Jackson Street off East Colfax Avenue

one block west of Colorado Boulevard.  The parking lot is to the right of Jackson Street.  Walk into the main hospital entrance. Heitler Hall is to the south of the Information Desk on the first floor. If meeting attendees would like additional information about the existing GDP for 9th and Colorado, please visit  Enter 9th and Colorado GDP in the search engine and you will be linked to the current GDP.  [MEETING STARTS PROMPTLY AT 4:00 p.m.]

  1. I.   Introductions by Chairperson Mary Nell Wolff


  1. II.   Approve Minutes from July 14, 2011, CBHD meeting


  1. III.   National Jewish Health


Speakers: Geri Reinardy, NJH; Phil Workman, TPC (and others)


  • Update on Gove School Rezoning
  • APOG discussions and collaborationTimeline
  • Planning Board Approval of Gove School Rezoning
  • LUTI Discussion of Gove School Rezoning
  • Remaining Approval Process for NJH


  1. IV.   Redevelopment of 9th and Colorado, University Colorado Denver


Speakers:  Jeff Fuqua and Heather Correa, Sembler Company; Marcus Pachner, TPC; David Daniel, Davis Partnership; Lynn Moore, Davis Partnership

  • Update on revised site plan
  • Update on neighborhood and City of Denver meetings
  • Update on City of Denver comments to conceptual submittal
  • Retail and residential update
  • Update on continued process and timeline with City of Denver
  • Discussion of CBHD process for recommendation on Sembler GDP Update


  1. V.   Institutional and Neighborhood Organization Updates
  • Denver Veterans Administration Medical Center
  • University of Colorado at Denver
  • University Hospital
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Rose Medical Center
  • National Jewish Health
  • Neighborhood organization updates
  • City Councilmember updates


  1. VI.   2011 Meeting Schedule: December 1.  We will likely add an additional meeting on November 10th