Colorado Blvd Healthcare District meeting on 9th Ave & Colorado Blvd Redevelopment

January 29, 2015 / Comments Off on Colorado Blvd Healthcare District meeting on 9th Ave & Colorado Blvd Redevelopment


9th Ave Redevelopment
The Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District met this evening, January 29th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM in the auditorium at Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences on Clermont Street for an update regarding redevelopment efforts for the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 9th and Colorado campus.  The project developer, Continuum Partners, was joined by representatives from the construction and demolition teams headed by Saunders Construction to discuss the project, timeline and efforts to diminish impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.
Continuum Partners announced they have a new website with information on the project:  We hope this will serve as a means to disseminate helpful information about the project to the neighbors.
They have a hotline established to contact key personnel for any issue regarding the development:  303-386-9411.  Questions can also be submitted through a link on their web site.
Demolition is scheduled to begin next week and vertical construction is expected to begin in August. Construction hours will be M-F 7 – 6 and S-Su 8 – 5. There will be a full-time safety representative on site and a person dedicated to compliance with sound ordinances.  Continuum Partners and Saunders Construction will maintain on-site offices, first in trailers and then in the basement and ground levels of the parking garage on 11th and Colorado Blvd.  Another security fence will be constructed around the perimeter of the site to supplement the fence already in place. Full-time security will be in place on Monday, Feb. 2 and will include night time patrols. Some asbestos abatement will be done, although CU had already completed a majority of this work. All contaminants will be sealed and nothing will be released into the air.

Phase I design concepts will be discussed at the next CBHD meeting which will be held in the late February / early March time frame.