Colorado Blvd. Healthcare District Meeting Minutes

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Next meeting – April 4


Colorado Boulevard Health District

February 20, 2013  Minutes

Councilwoman Susman:  Working on design guidelines and financing mechanisms for 9th & Colorado  Next Wed (2/27): meeting at Eisenhower Chapel re marijuana retail stores; will have local and state licensing representatives present  Working with the VA to understand the disposition of the property following the move to Fitzsimons  Marcus Pachner:  Continuing to work on full design of the site  Working closely with King Soopers to be site anchor and GDP compliance

Additional uses: hotel, office space, potential of Nurses Dorm to become the heart of the site   When they have a package put together, City Council and Mayor will hold a special meeting to discuss the details of the transaction

  • Elder housing is still being considered for the site (will be another developer, not Fuqua) other options: stand-alone site at 11th & Albion or incorporated into the Nurses Dorm  Timing of project: a public meeting to be scheduled in the next 3 months
  •  Multifamily component: Alliance Residential will be developing the apartment complex and will attend the next CBHD meeting to present their plans

Greer Scoggins with Fuqua – Demolition Update

Phase I: preparing pad for residential component; 8th – 9th, Clermont to Bellaire o Demo permits granted 5 years ago, so will be starting this phase approximately March 1  Schedule: 7am-5pm, following noise ordinances; no public access

  • Abatement will start the approximately the first of March
  • Buildings will be cleaned and flattened
  • Property transferred to Alliance Residential in August 2013 2   Buildings being taken down between 8th & 9th; gates at each entrance;
  • The parking deck will remain in place and will be renovated by Alliance Residential
  •  Known Issues:  Power plant and old laundry building have asbestos that will need to be abated;   Salvaging pre-cast panels from Day Care buildings (Hornbein & White buildings); panels may be reused in the project – under discussion  parking structure:  o developer takes on risk;
  •  Can’t start construction until deal is signed and title is transferred, but are able to start demo so they can be ready to go as soon as possible
  • Questions – can we close on residential without closing on the rest of the site?    it’s under discussion, but no answer,  once you pull the permits and start demo, you have to finish; typically a bond and if contractor goes out of business, can call the bond;    there is an escrow account to cover this should anything happen  Residential Presentation (Broadstone at 9th update)
  •  Bellaire St. and Birch St. will be going in; Bellaire will be curved to accommodate the Nurses Dorm  Alliance Residential will have amenities and leasing office between 8½ & 9th Avenues
  •  garage will be re-wrapped and incorporated into program  4 stories; 324 units; all the way to 8th to 9th; all will be parked in the garage; will have some walk-ups
  • parking garage will be sold to Alliance Residential  –  1500 car lot, but they will have 300 more spaces than they need, and will sell or lease the extras. extra spaces will likely go to Rose Hospital or VA. Will have some visitor and street parking  mixed component from studio to 2BR; price point will be discussed next time; will be higher end building  live-work component? ok for zoning, but don’t know if that’s been planned
  • 3  Parking Concerns:  Parking lot will remain open, but issues remain re maintaining power supply to the structure (safety, access)  About 170 permits for the lot will remain open (equates to about 135 actual people); other sites in the area are being sought to accommodate those who will be displaced
  •  The lot at 11th & Colorado no longer meets code. It is too expensive to renovate just to serve as temporary parking lot  Construction workers & parking: they will all be parked on site; will have about 50 at any one time
  • King Soopers:   There is a possibility that it could be a 24-hour store  Limited hours could be imposed for the entire site though a site agreement  Could have site plan changes based on tenant component as the proposed King Soopers is much smaller than the WalMart
  •  Administration  minutes approved
  •  Meeting Times –  5 votes for 4:00, 3 votes for 5:00
  •  Meeting Location – need to change location because NJH parking overwhelmed; will try and renegotiate now that attendance has dropped;  to use school there is an insurance waiver and $150 for each meeting (currently being paid by developer),  can check with Methodist Church as possible location
  • Database and Notices – transitioning from the developer hosting the database; David Brombeck will work with Marcus to transition; plan is for all the neighbors to sign up through neighborhood organizations which will also send out meeting notices; Marcus and David will send out emails to the group to announce this will be done over the next few months
  • Meeting Dates – will not have March meeting  Next meeting will be April 4th, May meeting is May 2nd 4  Neighbor Updates  VA Update  they will be moved out by Oct. 15,   may keep one division open on the current site while they do a new construction project
  •  will use one of the buildings for another 2 years, all the programs will be moved to Fitzsimons except for one that is self-contained o they are looking at one of the smaller building;   their site also uses a central utility to power site, so want to minimize impact  will have to remediate tower (has chemical waste that needs to be remediated)  property will be sold for fair market value
  • Critical Care Tower – still for sale
  • Mental Health  – nothing
  •  National Jewish   need to find a new representative for the board
  • Other News  7-11 was not approved for 1395 Colorado Blvd,  Sprouts on Colfax is under construction
  • Gene Hohensee. President of North Cherry Creek; Interested in coordinating some of our efforts
  • There is a lot of concern from residents in their neighborhood about proposed developments in the area 
  • Proposal for 7 story office building at old Post Office building; proposal in the next month for 1st & Steele for 175 apartments on north side, 175 on NW side, 225 on SE corner;
  •  Trader Joe’s:  anticipating opening in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2013; the store will have a liquor license