Climate Action Challenge – A Hilltop Approach

August 6, 2020 / Comments (0)


Hello my name is Wanda Osterman-Harris and I am a Hilltop resident.

I facilitated several official city of Denver Sustainability Task Force meetings this past year and wanted to continue to contribute my activism while many of their programs are on hold or have insufficient funding to continue to progress concerning Environmental topics.

Therefore, I have dedicated myself to an International Climate Action Challenge which begins in September and runs for 90 days. My goal is to provide thorough information about how residents can care for their property without toxic chemicals and to advocate to the Denver Department of Park and Recreation to make their Intergrated Pest Management Program more progressive. I want everyone living here to be confident in their health and safety and not need to worry about toxic runoff into waterways or needing to wonder whether their park was recently treated with toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers before going there.

My idea is to share practices for designing and maintaining Ecologically Beneficial Landscapes that surround us in our daily lives. Providing resources that can aid others in developing an Organic Land Care approach.  To have a dialogue around the following:

  • ~ Defining Organic Landcare
  • ~ Preferred, allowed and prohibited products
  • ~ Precautionary Principles
  • ~ Right Plant – right location (Plant Select)
Please consider reaching out to me to learn more about my initiative and the benefits of organic landcare practices.  I am seeking opportunities to present to groups interested in learning more. With your help I can continue to network and provide options to those wanting to change their currentmaintenance of their properties.  We can all make a difference- it is possible to live in a community without yellow pesticide signs on each lawn, without Roundup under park trees and synthetic fertilizers being sprayed through automated sprinklers.  Shifting how we think of managing gardens/lawns/turf is the first step to a healthier ecosystem. After all the term is land “care”- we should consider it as a holistic practice and not harm but rather aid it’s wellbeing for our own good.
For individuals willing to learn and communicate to others how Denver can “Go Pesticide Free” I have presentations available for you to share with RNOs, HOAs and government leaders.  Let’s join other communities across this nation in becoming a designated “non-toxic community”.  Please contact me at [email protected]

Use This Link to learn more about the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge: 1,000 Eco-Initiatives in 90 Days

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