9th & Colorado Blvd Implosion Event and Road Closure

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Road Closures, Safety and Security Measures to be Implemented for Demolition of Former Biomedical Research Building

(Denver, Colo.) – August 18, 2015 – 9th Avenue (Denver) Land, LLC, a joint venture between Continuum Partners and CIM Group, developers of the 9th & Colorado Project, and its construction partner, Saunders Construction, announced today that they have scheduled an implosion of the Biomedical Research Building located at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and 9th Avenue for Saturday, August 29th at 8:00am. Implosion of the building is the safest and least disruptive method to removing the building and will involve one major closure for four hours followed by normal construction activity for the remainder of site clean-up.   “Standard demolition of this building would take more than four months and require ongoing lane closures and disruption to the surrounding area,” said Continuum Partners Development Director Frank Cannon. “Implosion is the safest way to remove this particular building and is the next step in bringing the 9th & Colorado redevelopment project from vision to reality.”

Road closures and barricades will begin at 3:00am on August 29th and extend from 6th Avenue North to 13th Avenue and from Colorado Boulevard East to Bellaire Street. Streets and walkways will reopen no later than 12:00pm.

A full map of road closures and detours can be seen here: 9CO Road Closure Map. The complete schedule of events will be as follows:

  • 3:00am                Road closures begin
  • 6:00am                Protection installed
  • 7:00am                 Site lockdown
  • 8:00am                 Implosion
  • 8:10am                  Implosion complete
  • 8:15am                  Cleanup begins
  • 12:00pm               Streets and walkways fully reopened

When the implosion is initiated, there will be a quick sequence of small detonations, similar to that of fireworks, immediately before the building comes down, which will occur in approximately 30 seconds.  The sound of the building collapsing will be a rumbling sound.  There will be slight vibration in the immediate secured area as the building collapses.  The vibration will be similar to that of a large truck driving down Colorado Blvd.

The demolition team will employ extensive dust control measures to contain the majority of the dust within the limits of the site and secured area.  Dust control measures being employed include extensively wetting the building, water hoses and dust hogs (similar to snow making machines), dust deflection screening and fencing to minimize the impacts to the immediate surrounding community. An extensive team of more than 75 people with cleaning equipment will commence cleanup immediately following the implosion to reopen the roads as quickly as possible. The entire process is anticipated to take approximately two to four hours.

Complete information on the demolition event can be found on the 9th & Colorado Project website, www.9thandcolorado.com.

The site of the Biomedical Research Building, once demolished, will become part of the overall 9th & Colorado redevelopment, a prominent and highly anticipated urban infill project that sits on 26 acres approximately three miles southeast of Downtown Denver’s Central Business District. The 9th & Colorado redevelopment will be a highly walkable and bikeable project, integrating open green space and pedestrian amenities and featuring a horizontal and vertical mix of uses including residential, office, retail, restaurant, hotel and public space. The retail component will focus on creating a mix of retailers and restaurants, which will include national, regional and local businesses. The plan also includes the adaptive reuse of the existing iconic Research Bridge and the Nurses’ Dormitory.

About Continuum Partners
Continuum Partners, LLC is a progressive development firm specializing in building urban mixed-use developments that create successful pedestrian environments and integrate effectively with the surrounding urban fabric. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1997 with a deliberate mission to create sustainable human habitats of extraordinary character and enduring value, Continuum Partners has established itself as a national leader in urban, mixed-use, large-scale projects. 

About CIM Group
CIM Group is a leading real estate and infrastructure investment firm that since 1994 has systematically and successfully invested in dynamic and densely populated communities throughout North America. CIM Group draws on its experienced team of real estate, investment and finance professionals to identify and pursue investment opportunities in three primary strategic categories: repositioning and development projects in established and emerging urban areas; well-positioned operating properties in transitional and established districts; and infrastructure. CIM manages three distinct portfolios, including opportunistic, stabilized and infrastructure funds, each of which are diversified by geography and type of property within that risk profile. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CIM maintains regional offices in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Bethesda, Maryland, and Dallas. For more information, please visit www.cimgroup.com

About Saunders Construction
Saunders Construction, Inc. serves the commercial building industry as a full-service general contractor, design-builder and construction manager.  A leader in the Colorado construction industry since its inception in 1972, Saunders’ experience includes a wide range of project types. Saunders is one of the region’s largest general contractors and is the recipient of more than 100 industry awards for its construction excellence, employee achievements and community contributions.  In addition, Saunders is a member of the Citadel Group – an alliance of seven regional construction-related companies with operations in 19 cities. For additional information, please visit www.saundersci.com.

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