9+CO Construction News – 8th Avenue Traffic Signal Installation

March 27, 2020 / Comments (0)


Neighbors adjacent to the 9+CO development have been anticipating the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Ash Street since it was confirmed as part of the development plan. Approximately 3 years ago, a group of neighbors (now called the Hilltop Safer Streets Initiative) began working with the city transportation department to identify and install traffic calming tools, most notably the traffic circle at 7th Avenue and Ash Street, to help mitigate traffic impacts in the adjacent residential side streets. 

To learn more about this effort, please read this description of the Hilltop Safer Streets Initiative,  and includes a recap of the meeting held last fall with District 5 Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, nearby neighbors and a representative from the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI).

Next Steps & How You Can Get Involved

Concerns remain about (not listed in any priority and seeking your input):

1. What the city has planned to address the crossing at 8th Ave and Albion St. 

2. Sidewalks (lack of)

3. Identifying calming measures for traffic pushed to Birch and Clermont  

4. Speed limits – is it time to advocate for a “20 is Plenty” policy on residential side streets?

5. Creating similar initiatives in other parts of the Hilltop neighborhood and identifying participants and leadership for future and on-going initiatives. 

What are YOUR concerns?  Share them with your Council Member ([email protected]) and DOTI and the neighbors involved in the Hilltop Safer Streets Initiative ([email protected])  

THIS IS A SHARED NEIGHBORHOOD EFFORT – please get involved.  Thank you!

More information about traffic related to the 9+CO development and other traffic concerns..

March 27 notice from Continuum Partners (the 9+CO Developer)

Street Closures at 8th Avenue and Ash Street to begin.

9+CO will begin immediately on the implementation of a new traffic signal at 8thAvenue and Ash Street. It is anticipated the work will take approximately 30 days. There will be sidewalk closures on the south side of 8th Avenue to allow for the construction of both the pedestrian ramps and the traffic signal foundation.  There will also be intermittent lane closures of the parking lane on the south side of 8thAvenue. The crews are working to complete the project safely and efficiently with as little disruptions to the neighborhood as possible and hope to have the bulk of the work completed while the Stay at Home Orders are in place. Below is a plan that illustrates the limits of the sidewalk and parking lane closures.


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