8th Avenue & Colorado Blvd Lane Closures

April 26, 2019 / Comments (0)


April 26 Notice from Continuum Partners:

As part of the ongoing redevelopment at 9+CO, on Monday, May 6, we will begin closing the north lane of west bound 8th Avenue from Bellaire Street to Colorado Blvd and the east lane for north bound Colorado Blvd from 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue. A barrier wall will be in place while the existing curb, gutter and sidewalk is demolition. After demo, the streets will be widened, and new storm water utilities will be installed, as well as new curb, gutter and sidewalks.  Lane closures should be removed by mid-July with all work completed July 20.  This work will add a west bound right turn lane leading onto Colorado Blvd, creating a right turn only lane a through lane across Colorado Blvd, and a left turn/through lane across Colorado.  This will significantly open up 8th Avenue for a better flow of traffic. On Colorado Blvd, we are adding an acceleration/deceleration lane between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue. This will allow for traffic to enter onto 8th Place and 9th Avenue without affecting the three north bound lanes.  The bus stop on the north-east corner of 8th Avenue and Colorado Blvd will be temporarily closed.  While we understand the lane closures will be an inconvenience the improvements will improve traffic flow and everyone’s experience at 9+CO.  Below is a detailed schedule of work:

May 6 – 10            Set up lane closures and barrier walls along 8th Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
May 13 – 20          Demolition of curbs, gutters and sidewalks along 8th Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
May 20 – 31          Install lane shift barricades on 8th Ave., install storm-water utilities along 8th Ave.
May 31                    Remove lane shift barricades
June 3 – 7              Install storm-water utilities along Colorado Blvd.
June 3- 12             Install curb and gutter along 8th Ave.
June 13 -19            Install curb and gutter along Colorado Blvd.
June 14-26             Install road paving along 8th Ave
June 27-July 5      Install road paving along Colorado Blvd.
July 8-12                 Remove lane closures along 8th Ave and Colorado Blvd.
July 15-19               Install new signs and road striping along 8th Ave and Colorado Blvd.
July 20                    Work Complete

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