6th Avenue Traffic Study

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August 31 Update –

A meeting was held on August 30 to review recommendations and receive input from the community regarding possible calming projects along the 6th Avenue Parkway.

Facebook link to meeting recording is HERE.

Slightly better audio & video Zoom link meeting recording is HERE:

Passcode for Zoom meeting: 8^X7b4!$

Photo credit: Council District 5 Amanda Sawyer

Sidewalks are also being installed along Clermont and Albion Streets to provide greater safety for pedestrians.  Additionally, the long awaited Rapid Repeating Flash Beacon (RRFB) lights will soon be installed at the Clermont & 6th Avenue intersection.  This intersection has been the site of many accidents and is a popular crossing for students to and from schools in the neighborhood, as well as residents walking to access parks or the increasingly busy retail area at 7th & Colorado/9+CO.

Please slow down and use caution in these construction areas and help ensure a safe space for construction workers.


Jan 26 Post

Concerns about speed and safety on our 6th Avenue Parkway are being studied and your input is sought. The goal of the study will be to determine where traffic calming measures and safe crossings might be installed along 6thAvenue to help create a safer, more pedestrian and bike friendly environment for our neighborhoods.

Your Denver City Council District 5 Office, Fehr & Peers, the Denver Dept of Transportation & Infrastructure and 6th Avenue adjacent RNOs (like your Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Assn), Denver Public Schools and other community partners launched the 6th Avenue traffic study this winter.  This community-led process includes a community survey, several online community meetings, data collection and results, and implementation over the next several fiscal years.

Jan 25 Community Town Hall Presentation (click here)

Survey Link Here


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