2023 Public Tree Inventory Update

January 6, 2023 / Comments (0)


The city has identified the need to update its tree inventory, focusing on “street trees” in public rights-of-way that are maintained by the adjacent property owner; and trees in medians and parkways that are maintained by Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) and its Office of the City Forester (OCF).

The last tree inventory update was completed in 2016 after a three-year process and is used as a management tool by the OCF following best practices in arboriculture. The goal of the inventory update is to identify trees that have been removed, along with other information such as newly planted species, locations, detailed sizing, and current tree conditions.

Beginning the week of January 9, residents may see the city’s consultants, Davey Resource Group, inspecting trees in front of homes, businesses, and adjacent to property lines. The inventory update will include approx. 220,000 trees in medians, parkways, planting strips and other rights-of-way. Learn more about typical right-of-way layouts in Denver.

Starting in southwest Denver, DPR’s goal is to complete inventory of the entire city within three years. In addition to serving as a day-to-day management tool, the inventory update will provide information on the impacts of various efforts to expand the city’s urban canopy, along with the effects of extreme weather events, changes in species selection, and the health of newly planted trees. Visit denvergov.org/Forestry for more information about Denver’s public trees.

From City of Denver Parks & Recreation Dept/Office of the City Forester

Denver’s urban forest shades 13% of the city and provides $122 million in benefits to residents each year. Check out the city’s TreeKeeper dashboard to explore Denver’s street trees and see how your neighborhood is doing!

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