2020 Solid Waste Master Plan Update

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General News

Please note , the residential stakeholder and community engagement will come in the last quarter of this year (2019) and we will keep you posted on details for those meetings.  Between now and then, please let us and/or your Council Member know what YOUR priorities are.

The 2020 Solid Waste Master Plan Update will guide the City in creating an update vision and plan for sustainable materials management collection infrastructure, support, end-markets, and policy for the next ten years.  


The 2010 plan, A Master Plan for Managing Solid Waste in the Mile High City, has provided the City with a vision — and options for implementation — for Denver’s future collection, transfer and disposal of solid waste, recyclables and organics. The Plan was developed as a roadmap to the City’s goal of a 30% reduction in total landfilled waste (as set prior to new, updated sustainability goals) and provided a framework in which to eventually exceed the 30% mark.  The development of that roadmap including comparing Denver to other major cities from around the country and reviewing best practices, holding multiple outlets for stakeholder input including public surveys and meetings, and waste analyses and material analyses.  The Plan has and continues to be an instrumental tool in aiding Public Works Solid Waste Management staff and City leaders in continuing to move the City towards more sustainable materials management programs and services.

About the 2020 Solid Waste Master Plan

The City’s next ten-year Solid Waste Strategy Update will create an updated vision, with new goals and an updated roadmap for sustainable materials management in the City.  This update will examine all waste streams in Denver including residential, business, and construction more comprehensively to guide the vision for our City that has changed dramatically during the past 10 years. The main components of work to develop the master plan update include the following:

  • Research and Analysis Phase – compare Denver to similar cities and analyze best practices used throughout the industry to increase material recovery and build circular economies.
  • Quantity and Analysis Phase –  analyze the different types of waste that are generated in the City. The waste composition analyzes materials in the waste stream by weight and volume. The study examines the possibility of recovering certain materials and how the City may help develop end-markets for specific materials.
  • Stakeholder and Community Input – meet with stakeholders and community groups to solicit input and feedback, and gauge community values on possible policy and programmatic steps the City may take to improve waste diversion and create a more sustainable closed loop system.
  • Report Development  compile the findings from the research, waste analyses, and stakeholder feedback to formulate a thorough roadmap of options and recommendations for Public Works Solid Waste Management and City policy makers.  The report will provide clear and bold direction on how to achieve a comprehensive, sustainable and efficient waste-management system that will serve to protect the environment for all during the next 10 years.


Research and Analysis

2019 Q1 – 2020 Q2

  • Kickoff in Q1 2019

Quantity and Waste Analysis

2019 Q1 – Q4

  • Commercial waste audit complete in Q1 2019
  • Construction waste audit complete in Q2 2019

Stakeholder  / Community Input

2019 Q3 – 2020 Q1

  • August 2019 – Commercial stakeholder engagement
  • September 2019 – Construction stakeholder engagement
  • Q4 2019/Q1 2020 – Residential stakeholder engagementReport Development

Report Development

2020 Q1 – Q3

  • Draft Report (Q2 2020)
  • Final Report (Q3 2020)

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