In February 2014, CU regents approved sale of their former health sciences campus to Continuum Partners. On December 8, 2014, Denver City Council approved Tax Increment Financing for the project.  Their plan envisions retail, residential and office space on 25-acre Denver property.  Visit the Continuum Partners website to learn more about the project: and also here on the CU website for additional background information.

Continuum Partners also provides monthly updates on the construction activity.  Here are the two most recent updates:
April 2018 Construction Look Ahead Notice

May 2018 Construction Look Ahead Notice

Our Association recently received the following update on March 20, 2018.  A Town Hall with the developer will be held in April 19 on site at 9+CO.

Here is what Continuum Partners is currently planning to offer at this site:

  • The entire project will be completed by the end of 2019.
  • There will be approximately 60 retail/commercial tenants. 45% of the tenants have been lined up and some will be announced in the next few weeks.
  • There will be a 10 screen,”high-end” multi-plex movie theater in the block between Albion and Ash along 8th Ave.
  • There will be a new parking structure with the capacity for 715 cars located along Colorado Blvd. between 9th and the new street called 8th Place.  This parking structure will have its main entrance diagonally across from the multi-plex theater.
  • There will also be 100 on-street parking spots with meters. There will be no surface parking lots.
  • The residential core of the project will be on the north portion and the retail/commercial portion will be on the south portion of the project.
  • It is still not determined how the “Bridge” over 9th Ave or the “Nurses Dorm” will be used.  
  • The first rental building will be available this spring. This building is located directly south of the existing parking structure at 11th and Colorado.
  • There will be an “Over 50″ community/apartment building. 
  • The only office space will be located along 8th between Albion and Colorado.
  • The townhomes between Ash and Bellaire along 8th Ave are still part of the plan.

These are two previous concept plans and we hope to add the most recent plan as soon as it is available.

 Continuum Presentation at July 15 CBHD Meeting

A Business Improvement District has been created for the area and a Board of Directors established.  Here are details and contact information:

Number of members: 5
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes

Function: The Business Improvement District Board of Directors is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of the 9th Avenue Business Improvement District.

Qualifications: The Board shall consist of five (5) electors of the district, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.

John Bruno, 12/31/17
Frank Cannon, 12/31/17
Mark Falcone, 12/31/17
Patrick Heck, 12/31/17
Jenny Robinson, 12/31/17

Contact Person:
Andrew Johnston
[email protected]