An application to rezoning this parcel immediately north of the 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd project was recently received.  The application shows two duplex units (for a total of four dwellings) with access off the alley to a two-car garage for each unit. This rezoning request will go before the planning board and city council soon and we will keep the neighborhood informed.  Here is the application and current concept plan. 

Sue Bollman arranged a meeting between the owner’s rep/architect, Jeff Cline, and the immediate neighbors which was held on April 9th.  The meeting was well attended (thanks Sue!).  Jeff presented drawings showing what they intend to build, which are two-duplex buildings.  The neighbors were generally supportive of this proposal.  Comments and questions were directed more at materials and protection from the noise on Colorado Blvd. than on the development approach.  They were initially going to request a rezoning to G-RH-3, because that’s what the adjacent property (30-50 S. Colo Blvd) has received.  However this approach would have necessitated restrictive covenants.  At the suggestion of Tom Hart, our Assn’s Zoning Committee Chair, the developer will now request a rezoning to E-TU-C.  This will maintain the “Urban Edge” designation that the majority of Hilltop has, and will restrict them to the two-duplex buildings they are proposing.