Zoning and Redevelopment

The neighborhood association is lucky to have several board members who are professionals in the area of real estate, law and architecture. They act on our behalf to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood by reviewing each zoning application and representing the membership in front of the City and County of Denver Board of Adjustments for Zoning Appeals and the City Council. An example of their work is their close interaction with the City and private developers to ensure that major infill projects in Hilltop and surrounding areas are compatible with the neighborhood and enhance the quality of life.

Current and recently completed projects in and around Hilltop:

30-50 S. Colorado Blvd – Redevelopment
Members of the CPHCA Zoning Committee met with the new owners of the property in mid January 2015 to start a meaningful conversation regarding the property and to reiterate the concerns of nearby neighbors. They are just beginning their analysis of the property, and will be hiring planning professionals to aid them in shaping their plans for this parcel. The group has long-standing ties to both Denver and the Hilltop and Crestmoor communities, and are probably known to many of you. They are interested in hearing the neighbors’ individual and collective thoughts, and there will be opportunities for meetings in the futures. They hope to have some thoughts and plans together at the end of the first quarter or early second quarter of 2015. Please contact Susan Sweeney, the Chair of the Committee or Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman.  She and her team are a great source of information as this moves forward.  Her office phone number is 720-337-5555.

9th Avenue & Colorado Blvd – Redevelopment
In February 2014, CU regents approved sale of their former health sciences campus to Continuum Partners. On December 8, 2014, Denver City Council approved Tax Increment Financing for the project.  Their plan envisions retail, residential and office space on 25-acre Denver property.  Visit the Continuum Partners website to learn more about the project: www.9thandcolorado.com and also here on the CU website for additional background information.

Buckley Annex Redevelopment
For more information, please visit: http://lowryredevelopment.org/annex/

Holly & Cedar Redevelopment
Park Burger, Adagio Baking Co., and High Point Creamery opened in the Hilltop Neighborhood in May 2014.

Trader Joe’s – 8th Avenue & Colorado Blvd.
Trader Joe’s opened February 14, 2014 along with 2 other locations in Colorado.

Construction, Home Improvements, etc.

If you are considering doing construction on your property, putting up a fence, or researching which projects require a permit or licensed contractor, clink on the link below:

To find out the current zoning by a particular address or intersection, click here  http://www.denvergov.org/cpd/CommunityPlanningandDevelopment/Zoning/FindYourZoning/tabid/441455/Default.aspx

For the latest information on Denver’s Zoning Code, neighborhood classifications and regulations, visit: http://denvergov.org/cpd/Zoning/DenverZoningCode/tabid/432507/Default.aspx

Zoning questions?

What is the process for rezoning a property?
Re-zoning is a public process.  If a developer or a neighbor wishing to change the zoning for a particular property, they need to obtain neighborhood buy-in before they apply for re-zoning.  This usually involves the developers speaking to surrounding neighbors in one-on-one meetings and in group meetings with the neighbors and the adjacent Registered Neighborhood Organizations and their members (Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Assn for example).  If the developer decides to go ahead with re-zoning, there are opportunities for residents to offer public comments and send letters/emails/phone calls to the Denver Planning Department, Planning Board, and City Council. The formal process is for the developer to work first with the Planning Department.  This department makes a recommendation of yes or no to the developer and to the Planning Board.  If the developer seeks to continue and take it to the Planning Board, the Planning Board hears the proposal and conducts a public hearing.  If it passes Planning Board, it comes to council committee, and if passing there it goes to City Council, where there is also a public hearing.  For a more complete and official explanation of the process, visit Denver Community Planning and Development Apply for a Rezoning.

List of Notices for ReZoning and Liquor Licenses in our Neighborhood.

If you are not able to answer your zoning questions with the above information or by visiting www.DenverGov.org, you can also email the Cranmer Park / Hilltop Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee at info@DenverHilltop.com