Thank you Neighbors, Sponsors and Volunteers for a Great 2018 Cranmer Park Community Picnic!

June 26, 2018 / Comments (0)

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Our Independence Day picnic was held on Monday, July 2nd and your participation made it a great success!  We are not expert crowd estimators but <think> there were about 750 in attendance.  We had a great time with the Denver Municipal Band playing a great selection of R & B and popular music that had the kids dancing.  The Fire Dept unfortunately had to leave after a few minutes to respond to an emergency and left with their lights flashing and the siren going.  That was exciting!  Mother Nature also entertained us — the weather was hot and sunny for most the evening and then just before sunset clouds gathered to give us a beautiful sunset but then got a bit ominous and chased all but the most (fool?)hardy out of the park.  Those of us who stayed to either strike the event or watch the Glendale Fireworks were not able to see much in the rain.  That’s Colorado weather for you – a bit unpredictable but we need the rain!  Visit our photo gallery to see some photos from the picnic.

Our event would not have been possible without the volunteers who make it happen!  Thank you for your help!  

Sandi Berenbaum, Milt Bollman, Lon Breslow, Jenny Brinen, Larry Donovan, Ryan Garvey, DeeDee Hart, Tom Hart, Nick Hart, Declan O’Donnell, Vik Patel, Mark Reoch, Rae Reynolds, Ann Spoor, and Andy Walvood,  Thanks also to Graland Country Day School and College Inn on 8th Avenue for donating ice.
We had an Amazing Field Sales Team of young volunteers helping us sell glow sticks out in the crowd.  Tip of the hat to Evan Beasley, Olivia Beasley, Shayan Patel, Sarita Patel, Annabelle Wheeler and Krey Grant.

We are pleased our event was officially certified by the City of Denver as a Sustainable Event.  To achieve this we coordinated with the food truck vendors to use compostable products and contracted the non-profit, Eco-Cycle of Boulder, to help us sort and haul our waste. Neighborhood volunteers manned the waste stations scattered throughout the park that had compost, recycling and trash cans to assist our friends and neighbors with the sorting. It was a great opportunity to help reduce our impact on the environment and to help educate fellow neighbors on how to effectively compost and recycle.

Our community picnic was co-hosted by the Cranmer Park-Hilltop Civic Association and City Council District 5 and sponsored by these local neighborhood businesses.  Please thank them for their help in making this event possible.  


Food trucks who rolled up to help feed the gathered crowd were:

Wheels On Fire Pizza * Base Camp ProvisionsBiker Jim’s Gourmet Hot Dogs * Beef King * Roll It Up Sushi

Gigi’s CupcakesHigh Point CreamerySprinkle Me Smitten


And because you just can’t say thanks too many times, thanks for the hard work and planning done by the Planning Committee: Sue Bollman, Andrea Dikeou, Lisa Peloso and Wende Reoch.  Next year the Sundial Terrace restoration will be complete and the Denver Municipal Band has promised to bring the full Orchestra for a big celebration.  We would love your help in planning next year’s festivities.  If you would like to become a sponsor or get involved with your ideas and energy, please contact us at [email protected].

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