UPDATE – Ellsworth Stormwater Pipe (meeting recap)

July 11, 2018 / Comments (0)

General News

August 17 Update – We received notice from the consulting firm that the construction project has been pushed back to an August 27th start date but due to the proximity to the Labor Day weekend holiday, it is more likely to begin after September 3rd.  

On Tuesday, July 10, a meeting was held at Graland Country Day School to inform neighbors of the planned construction by Denver Public Works to address persistent, nuisance flooding along Ellsworth Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Birch Street in Hilltop.  DPW will be upgrading the existing storm infrastructure in the area beginning in late July/early August.  The project will begin at the intersection of Ellsworth & Colorado Blvd and continue east along Ellsworth to Birch St.  The project is anticipated to last approximately 4 months until the end of November, 2018.  While underway, Ellsworth Avenue will be closed in both directions for one block at a time beginning at Colorado Blvd and ending at Birch St.  Plan for alternative routes during the construction period.

Project will be adding multiple inlets (those grates in the gutter) and a large pipe to capture stormwater.  When this section of the neighborhood was originally developed, stormwater piping was not installed.  At that time, it was assumed gravity would take care of the drainage.  The addition of the Fieldhouse at Graland and the need to pump out water from their sump pump in the underground garage twice a day have exacerbated the drainage issue in this part of the neighborhood.  The inlets and the new piping will tie into an existing stormwater pipe on Colorado Blvd and are expected to alleviate the current problems.  Additionally, ADA ramps will be rebuilt and damage to road will be repaired.

Construction will proceed one block at a time to mitigate inconvenience to homeowners, especially those with driveways that tie into Ellsworth.  The project team will work with resident to accommodate their access needs.   Project Overview and Timeline along with contact information.

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