UPDATE: Agreement Reached Regarding 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd Rezoning Application

POSTED » August 24th, 2017

The following letter dated August 15, 2017 details the recent progress on this development:

Dear Neighbors:

Last fall, developers SMW presented a new plan to the neighborhood group and Cranmer Park/ Hilltop Civic Association (CP/HCA)  for the church property at 30-50 South Colorado Blvd.  After discussion between the parties,  an agreement was reached on a new plan which includes restrictive covenants as discussed below. This agreement with the developers allows them to proceed with a request for G-RH-3 zoning.  The developers had applied for this zoning one year ago with a plan for 54 units, but were turned down by City Council by an 11-0 vote.

The new plan (see PDF here: 30-50 S. Colorado Blvd – 20161110) consists of 11 buildings (22 duplexes) built around an internal lane.  Traffic to this site would come in through Bayaud on the south and Ellsworth on the north, not Colorado Blvd.  There was a lot of concern about traffic backup with ingress from Colorado Boulevard.  The Declaration of Restrictive Covenants runs with the land and is enforced by the CP/HCA.  The covenants include:

  •          a maximum of 22 dwellings as defined by the city zoning code
  •          maximum permitted height of 35 feet
  •          the building form of any dwellings in limited to duplex, row house and single family residential
  •          no other building forms can be utilized
  •          each dwelling will include an enclosed garage containing a minimum of 2 parking spaces
  •          traffic access via Colorado Blvd is prohibited
  •          safety bumps and safety mirrors will be installed in the alley east of the property
  •          6 visitor parking spaces will be provided on the internal lane

In exchange for these covenants, CP/HCA will provide a letter signed by president Jay McCormick supporting the project.  These documents have been signed by both parties.

There were many negotiations required between attorneys to get these documents refined and finalized.  Much appreciation to attorney Joe Reece from the CP/HCA board for his diligence and hard work getting this accomplished.   Thanks also to attorney David Foster who did legal work on behalf of our neighborhood group.  This agreement would not have been accomplished without their advice and counsel.

This has been a long, intensive effort. We could not have accomplished this significant milestone without your ongoing support and commitment. Many thanks again!

Sue Bollman
Cranmer Park-Hilltop Civic Association

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