We would like to thank those who have actively supported the Association over the years, we appreciate your support.

We are all fortunate to live in a fantastic neighborhood like Hilltop. The Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association was established in the 1950’s to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of life and existing character of the neighborhood. Please help us to continue our efforts by becoming a member or by renewing your membership with a $25 contribution.

This small investment provides large returns to our neighborhood. Members of our association volunteer their time and talents by serving on committees that address areas related to zoning, traffic, safety, redevelopment, schools and parks. Here are a few of our major ongoing projects:

Save Our Sundial Fund

The Save Our Sundial Project was formed in 2012 to raise money to supplement city funds set aside for the restoration of the Cranmer Park sundial, the sundial plaza, and the terrazzo mountain panorama. Built in the 1930s, this renowned local landmark has significant damage due to years of exposure to Colorado’s freeze-thaw weather, old construction practices, and vandalism.  In March of 2017, neighborhood leaders, including the indomitable Denise Sanderson, and The Park People, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in partnership with the City of Denver Parks & Recreation and Arts & Venues Departments announced they had raised the $1.8 million needed to preserve this community treasure for generations to come.  This committee of volunteers will continue working with The Park People and DP&R to move the contracting process along and gifts to the Save Our Sundial Fund are still being accepted.  Gifts already received in excess of what is needed for the reconstruction as well as additional donations will be placed in an endowment account to fund ongoing preservation of the sundial, mosaic mountain panorama, and plaza.  Please see the Save Our Sundial website for details and to support this worthwhile project.

Zoning change to 30-50 South Colorado Boulevard

Denver City Council voted unanimously in July to reject a re-zoning of the site of a church located at South Colorado Boulevard, Bayaud and Leetsdale.  The developers changed earlier plans for an apartment building to seek zoning for garden court/townhouse style apartments.  Close-in neighbors and the Cranmer Park Hilltop Civic Association (CPHCA) are working to negotiate a somewhat lower density project, such as 18 to 24 row homes.

Redevelopment of 9th & Colorado Boulevard

Demolition is well underway on the site of the Colorado Boulevard Health Care District (CBHD) site bordered by 8th Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, 11th Avenue and Clermont.  The CPHCA has representation on a committee consulting on new traffic issues (such as a proposed traffic light at 8th and Ash).  In addition, CPHCA has two members on the Board of the CBHD, who continue to monitor and comment on plans for redevelopment of the site.  Continuum Partners is developing a large part of the site, and more information about the ongoing project can be found at the web site


The Traffic Committee continues to work with the city and actively study and pursue solutions for:

  • Volume and speed of traffic through the neighborhood
  • Possible changes to street and traffic designs on Leetsdale Avenue
  • The ongoing increase in cut-through traffic throughout the neighborhood

Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade is a wonderful Hilltop tradition where neighborhood families parade in costume from the Sundial at Cranmer Park to neighboring Robinson Park, where pizza and other treats await.  Canned goods are collected during the event and contributed to the Denver Rescue Mission.

Like any organization, there are costs associated with such efforts, including insurance, printing and mailing, maintenance of our website, distribution of our email newsletter, as well as membership fees in organizations such as Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. We also spend funds to host neighborhood events like our very successful Hilltop Halloween Parade.

One way that we can reduce future expenditures is to conduct more of our administrative business and communication on-line or via email.  We are happy to announce that we now have a secure on-line membership renewal option and invite you to consider joining us now.   If you prefer to mail a check, complete and send the Hilltop membership form today.  Are you new to the neighborhood or have you changed your email address recently?   Please use this same form to provide your email address and help us in this effort to be better stewards of your membership dollars.  We promise to communicate information only when it has a neighborhood impact. Important issues are posted on our website:

Thank you for your support of our Association